Thursday, December 18, 2008

too much partying

This week, had too much partying. Too much that I am now sick and with a really, really bad cough. I guess from late night partying and alcohol-drinking (tequila and vodka sprite) lol.
If you will see me now, I am not at my usual self. I look like a walking zombie coughing wildly with those tired, puffy eyes. As much as I want to leave from work, I can't. Need to finalize end of the year numbers. Plus it is our OPEX budget season. much to do with so little time! I can't even check online for some diet products I plan to give for the husband. You see, like me, he needs to trim down his weight too. With his excessive partying for the past weeks, I am sure he gained few pounds from all those carbo-loaded party food and beer-drinking sessions. Anyway, to share some of our party pictures.

December 15, Bayan's Company Party at The Arena, San Juan

December 16, Bayan Business Christmas Party at Bedroom Bar at Eastwood Libis -- wild,wild party with the Bedroom secrets as party theme sans with the our sleepwear outifts!

December 17 (Wed), Shopping time with hubby. We bought suit from Onesimus.

December 18 (Thu), Department's Christmas Party (BSPS) in Makati --- pictures to follow.

December 19 (Friday), Baby shower and Thanksgiving party from our boss.

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