Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas loots

And so the little bratinella was ecstatic ... giddy happy with all her Christmas loots!

Since we've been out and around the metro the enitre holiday season, it took us three sessions to open all her gifts. I guess we were just too tired to open the gifts in one seating. In fact, Sam was able to open her gifts from Mommy, Daddy, Kuya, and Santa at 2am of the 25th. And the rest of the gifts from our families and friends, were opened the day after.

This year, aside from the usual toys, clothes and promotional products she received lot of books. Books from Santa (backyardigans and strawberry shortcake) , teacher, her ninangs (ballet book and activity books), Kuya (backyardigans and strawberry shortcake), aunts (dora, barney and some activity books) and hubby's parents (bible collection 12 volumes). With all the book gifts, I am afraid her present book shelves will not be enough to accommodate her gifts. Haayy...need to sort out her old books to create more space for her new book collection.
Samantha with some of her Christmas presents opened morning of 25th.

Another doll house from Tito Willy, puppies in my pocket playset (Daddy), lots of books, kitchen playsets (tita queenie), grocery carts (tita lhotte), breakfast table and twister game (Mommy), gifts from her classmates, clothes from cousins, bags, watch (ninang heidi) etc.. Plus some gifts (and cash) not in picture. Like the V-tech toy from Mommy, books and books, pound puppies collection, board games, stuff toys etc. Really too much. Ahhh... kids these days, extremely lucky with so much toys available for them to play. Don't you think so?

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Mich said...

wow that's a LOT of toys and books! I'm sure Sam had a blast!

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