Monday, December 6, 2010

wish list

For days now, I've been thinking of things I want to give myself this Christmas. And since I received a hefty bonus from my company for a job well done the previous year, I am thinking of rewarding myslef with a luxury item that will remind me of my contribution to the company. I've listed some "nice" items in my wish list:
1. bag - yes, another bag. this time, the oh-so nice mulberry alexa in oak color, oversized. (but not a priority!)
2. new watch - thinking of getting myself junior size men's watch (like omega seamaster, perhaps?)
3. new home theater/LCD for our bedroom -- our old one broke weeks ago.
4. nice "key" pendant from tiffany and co. -- beautifully wrapped in a small blue box ... i love how dainty it looks!
5. an iPAD ... I heart to own one! Not yet a Mac converter but praying to be one ..soon!
6. or if I have extra budget, probably get the husband and myself new promise rings in white gold with little diamonds around like an eternity ring. Perfect, don't you think so?

Wish I can afford all fact, I think I need to ask the husband to pitch to help me achieve one of the items above. Hahaha! Anyway, wish me luck I'll get at least one of my wishlist this Christmas. =)

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