Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy 4th, Migo!

The little squirt turned four months last March 11. Yes, four months already. Time flies so fast.

At four months, Baby Miguel:
* sleeps regularly (thank, God!) during the night.
* his feeding cycles already determined and established.
* very curious with his surroundings, enjoys loooking at people and things.
* so playful and responds to people around him. He loves all the attention showed to him.
* more active and can now play with his toys.
* can hold his head up high, and can raise his body while lying on his tummy.
* he babbles, laughs and screams.

And to capture these special moments of my little boy, I am thankful that I have with me my ever-dependable point-and-shoot digicam with me all the time. Keeping memorabilia is now easy and convenient especially with the available picture printers locally. Now I need to check out Flexo ink cleaner for the printers, for a safer and more environment-friendly checmical formula.

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