Sunday, February 14, 2010

shedding off few more pounds ...

proved to be quite challenging. I've been reding a lot of quick weight loss tips but so far ... was not that successful. Only few pounds loss after giving birth. Could it be because I am deprived of sleep lately? Probably. I've read that irregular sleeping habits also not good if you plan to lose weight. Too bad. I've been sleeping quite late lately. Blame it on my late night habit of surfing the net. After putting the kids to bed, my next agenda... surf the net. It's my ME time. I love doing this late at night since I get to enjoy quiet time with no kids to screaming in the background. Moreover, my connectivity is much faster, my mind clear as I am more focused with my personal tasks with no work-related to disturb me during my surfing time.

Anyway, enough of all the diet excuses. If you do find quick weight loss tips , please share. I am desperate to shedd off few more pounds in less than two weeks time for our summer company travel.

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