Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

it means ... Congratulations and Wishing you Proseprity!

In my side of the world, we are not only celebrating Valentine's or Heart's Day on February 14, but we are celebrating Chinese New Year as well. Very rare conicidence, in fact.

And since this year is my year -- Year of The Golden (Metal) Tiger, I checked some Feng Shui experts post what the year has to offer to me this time. Read on:

The year brings competitive pressures and intense politicking, and you may get drawn into a situation where you are put in a difficult position. The year also brings ill health, so take more steps to stay healthy. The Tai Sui resides in your location this year, so you must display the Tai Sui Plaque in the Northeast to appease the Grand Duke and also to bring good luck. Whenever possible, carry the Tai Sui Talisman with you. To protect against falling sick, wear the Antahkarana Signet Ring and display the Dragon & Tiger Wu Lou on both sides of your bed. Further subdue the bad energy of the year by carrying the Precious Ring Talisman. Mature Tigers or those with existing medical problems should wear the Double Wu Luo with Infinity Pendant in Gold to ensure continued good health.
*excerpt above lifted from Lilian Too's To read more about your luck, check here

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