Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Travel To Guam by June

Yes, after enjoying our short BKK get-away .. we need summer vacation as a family. Thus, after searching the net trying to book for Boracay trip, I've finally decided...will travel to Guam instead by June. Wohooohoo! Yes, together with the little girl this time. So, I am giving up my plans for birthday party for a short summer get-away to Guam! I just can't wait. Really excited this time.

Never been to Guam ... I don't know what to expect. I am sooo excited. I even called the husband for this great travel idea. He's kinda hesitant because I might be preggy by then (assuming! LOL) but he thinks great idea too. Oh this will be a good time for the kids to try their US Visa, you know.

Anyway, I need to research more about the Guam trip. Wish me luck this travel plan pushes thru.

*Agana Bay and Alupai Island

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