Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Girl Power

This is the Carriers and Partners sales team. Ladies with attitude and style. Don't let our looks deceive you ... despite our innocence and all-girly built, we mean business. As in serious business. In a male-dominated industry like the telecommunications industry, we compete head on with others. As a matter of fact, we are in equal footing with them. Though, once in a while ... we do get special treatment. We can get away with our pa-cutie charm and our helpless look. You see this is the power of human touch … most especially, "female touch". It works wonders you know! LOL. Totally girl power!

Now enough of the all girl power talk. I am task to find affordable LCD TV for our upcoming corporate event in May. Aside from laptops and ipods, need to find complete home theater package which includes TV wall mount as our grand prize for the raffle. Good thing I saw great affordable packages from Otherwise, I'll end up getting these items from our local supplier with no discount or freebies at all.

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