Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ten-Ten-Ten-Ten! (bring back your W@Wie memories)

Instructions: delete my answers and fill up with yours.

Then tag 10 of your W@Wie friends to pass. Pls tag John & Benz all the time if possible. Just send an add friend request.

1. your W@W tenure (indicate the year and/or month) : January 2003
2. best W@Wie idea you picked up & used for your wedding : Pwede ba supplier, Alex Franco for cake and cake tokens for principal sponsors. Tipid eh. P200/box lang dati, yummy pa! Hehehe!
3. most active W@Wie Groom in your batch : Oh I am sooo bad with names. Sorry.
4. funniest/most memorable W@W eGroup moment : Hmmm... I think when hubby and I became part of the W@W anniversary/bridal fair. Was interviewed by a morning show back then from Ch 2.
5. Most active/helpful W@Wie in your batch : Hehehe! Yes, I am bad with names.
6. Favorite W@W event (event year)- Same as item 4. Bridal fair at NBC Tent.
7. Favorite W@Wie wedding (aside from yours) : From my officemate na W@W din siguro, Tricia and Joey.
8. W@W souvenir/keepsake you still have in possession (i.e books, calendars, shirt, buttons) : I still have their W@W supplier handbook. Version 2 na ata yun.
9. Your W@W BFF(s) : Jody, Aggie, Apols, Joy, Alpha ... mga kasama ko nag-evolve from W@W dati..pero naging friends ko at N@W to MBAPs ngayon. Hehehe!
10. your W@Wie signature :
Mike & Jacqui
Samantha Gabrielle

Not sure who to tag na W@Wies before : Jane, Jody, Abie, Kelly and Peachy. Hoping W@Wies din kayo. Hehehe!


Jody said...

Yes, I was a w@wie! Will post it soon.

Peachy said...

wawie din ako , but not too active kasi working gehl ako nun Hahaha! bawal sa ofc ang outside mails!!! korni!!!

will do this one soon! thanks jacqui

abie said...

ang tagal na pala ng history nyo nila aggie, jody, joy, apols, alpha..waw pa pala...hehe

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