Wednesday, March 25, 2009

money matters

If money is not an issue, I would have been away travelling, enjoying the rest of the world. I would instantly booked for a US Tour together with my family in an instant. I would probably bring the kids to Anaheim or Florida for Disneyland Tour or enjoy the great sights of LA. Book at a lavish hotel in San Diego California hotel or probably indulge in the famous JW Marriot Hotel. I've always dreamed of bringing them to US to simply enjoy the sights at Fisherman's Wharf, see the magnificent Golden Gate and walk at Napa Valley vineyard. That is, if money is not an issue. But with the impending economic crisis in the US, I don't think this would be possible now. Not wise to spend abroad especially with my condition now. Need to save up, you know. Since something big coming next months. Oh well, if money is not an issue.

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