Monday, July 11, 2011

the purse reveal ... my muse!

The baghag is back! After being away for weeks, I am back with a vengence!! Oh, vengence is such a harsh word but more of I am back with my shopping vengence! LOL

Yes, after depriving myself for a purse-reward since early this year, now I am back ... back in getting myself a birthday pressy! And after price research, budget calculations and careful considerations, and my Hongkong trip last May, finally settled on getting my gift at the most luxurious haven on earth ... Marina Bay Shoppes in Singapore! Woohoohoo!! A real birthday treat!

And the big reveal ... THE YSL MUSE. Nothing else. In fact, choosing the right purse was easy. As I was dead-set on getting this for more than one year already. What is tough, choosing the right color. A toss between ebony and ivory color. Both so lovely and equally beautiful IRL.

Naturally, I can't have both purse or the husband will kill me! (LOL) So I settled with the safest color ever for office use ... YSL Muse Large in black with gold hardware. What else?! Initially, was determined to pick the ivory color, but chickened out. Too risky! But, if ever I'll have extra moolah (praying hard), will still get the ivory color. Why? Too fab to resist. And since I don't have moolah, for the meantime, allow me to share my joy this year ... my YSL Muse. real black leather beauty! Happiness :)

1 comment:

Gracie said...

nice bag! i like the navy & orange ones :) but for now, like lang muna. nakapila ako for the jumbo flap at goodluck naman sa price tag. haha!

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