Sunday, April 3, 2011

home improvements

House renovation in progress. For the past week, we've been very busy with several home improvements. And since it is summer, we are taking advantage of the summer heat by doing all possible work. These includes: 1. exterior house painting of entire house. 2. scrape to metal for gates, and re-paint color to brown. 3. fix the bathroom tiles. add another water outlet. 4. de-clogging of sink , new pipe for drainage. 5. re-painting of interior wall to a different color. 6. change of tiles, probably to laminate flooring. 7. fix all busted lights. 8. change main door to a different wood 9. fix all hinges of ecterior cabinets.

1 comment:

Annabelle Vandorn said...

Wow, that's a lot of improvements over the summer! Most of them sound like hands-on, grueling work. How are you faring so far? Who is helping you? You are admirable for taking over that sort of work around the house. Good luck to you!

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