Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Egg-citing Easter!

Ever wonder why we have rabbits and eggs every Easter Sunday? There may be different traditions or customs that lead to one common belief for Easter: Re-birth. Christians believe that Easter Sunday is the day Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead to save mankind. Thus, it is a symbl of re-birth from old self, a new beginning to start life.

And why the bunny and eggs? The Easter bunny or hare is a symbol of fertility. With the eggs a symbol of life, wherein Romans believed life comes from an egg. The seed of life ...resurrection of Jesus Christ. And why we color or decorate the eggs? Not certain but in early Medieval days, they used eggs as gifts. And as eggs symbols life, a gift of new life.

Whatever explanations or traditions it may be, children and adults both celebrate Easter. A day to be thankful that God gave His only son to save us from our sins. Celebration of re-birth ...renewal of life.

HAPPY EASTER, Everyone!!

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