Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting-To-Know-You Qs

Snagged this Tag from N@W online group. Interesting and fun to answer.

1. Name: Jacqui Co-Soriano
1a. (If you're a lady) Did you change your last name, hyphenate, or keep your maiden name? YES, I hyphenated my married name to retain my maiden name. Since I've established my name in the telco industry, for easy recall.
2. Spouse's name: Mike
2a. Your spouse's nickname when he/she was 6 years old: Glenn
3. Child/Children' s name/s and age/s: Ico (13 years old) , Samantha Gabrielle ( 4 years old)
3a. Pet's name/s and breed/s: NONE.
4. Wedding date/s: February 21, 2004
4a. Your wedding colors: Spring Color - Shades of Yellow to Orange
4b. Your best wedding present: Rustan Gift Checks
5. Your birthday: June 14
5a. Celebrity ka-birthdays: Che Guevarra, Boy George
6. Spouse's birthday: February 4
6a. What you'll give your spouse on his/her next birthday: No idea yet. iPhone perhaps.
6b. What your your spouse REALLY wants for his/her next birthday: new cellular phones ; an iPhone.
7. Address / General location: Pasig City
8. Your job / company / line of work: Sales/ Telecoms Company
9. Your spouse's job / company / line of work: Carrier Relations/Telecoms Company
9a. On a scale of 1-10 (highest), how much your spouse enjoys his/her work : 10
10. Your school & course (& batch if u like): UP Diliman, Hotel and Restaurant Administration
11. Your spouse's school & course (& batch): DLSU , Business Admin/ Political Science
12. Your interests: Blogging, Surfing and Shopping
13. Business: (if you have): Part-time Retail Business
14. What part of the Philippines/ world are you from? : Mandaluyong, Manila
15. What part of the Philippines/ world is your spouse from?: Pasig, Manila
16. Social networking or blogging chuva you're part of? Facebook. Blogging, Twitter, Flickr
17. (Got this from a NaWie's Twitter) Favorite mushy or bagabag song: There's no easy way - James Ingram
18. Ever sent a text message to the wrong person?: Yes. Several times. Mostly work-related.
19. Any body parts which are aching right now? None
20. What's for dinner tonight?: Dinner with the family tonight. Not sure if Cyma or Sumosam.

This is an open tag ... feel-free to snag f you like! :)


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