Monday, May 18, 2009

Mommy Bloggers Summer Outing

Venue: Tagaytay Highlands Country Club
Date : May 16, Saturday

It was a perfect day for the Mommy Bloggers' Summer Outing. We were blessed with good weather for the entire day. Kids enjoyed the animal farm and the swimming treat, Daddies played basketball and the mommy bloggers busy eating, taking photos and talking. All in all, the summer outing went well. The plan for surprise party was executed and everyone went home full, tired but happy. Wishing we could do this as our annual summer tradition for the MBAPs.

8am : For early birds, Animal Farm visit
10am : Basketball Game at TH Sport's Clinic
1130am : Lunch buffet Country Club Poolside
12-4pm : Swimming for kids / Chika moments / Beer-drinking of Daddies
4pm : Fishing time
6pm : Pack up time/photo-session

Don't we all look lovely in our pictures? LOL. I don't think any diet supplement or fat burner will do the trick to lose those post-preggy weight. With kids in tow, I think running and taking care of our kids already enough to shed off those unwanted fats. A miracle drug-wonder, don't you agree. Hehehe!

Sharing some of our summer pictures (photo courtesy of alpha, aggie, thea and kathy)

Daddies after the basketball game

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