Monday, November 10, 2008

Samantha's Birthday Treats

We've just concluded the last birthday celebration of Samantha. We had three, actually four birthday treats for the little girl. So that means, she had four cake-blowing ceremony too! These are combinations of simple and grand parties.

November 3, 1150am : Birthday asalto
Since Samantha was on a semestral break, we kept her awake the entire night to wait for her actual birthdate for birthday asalto. She had a simple cake-blowing ceremony by 12 and we let her open her big gift (doll house). See here how we celebrated her birthday asalto.

November 4,Tuesday --- Tom's World and T.G.I.F Galleria
Since it was a weekday, we decided to celebrate her birthday at Tom's World after office hours. She had fun with the rides and games here. We also let her shop her birthday gift at Toys R' Us. We ended the night with dinner at T.G.I.F wherein Sammie had her favorite macaroni and cheese. To know more about our day at Tom's World, read here.

November 8, Saturday --- MC Donald's El Pueblo
Sam had a blast with her Mc Do party. This is her main party event with Strawberry Shortcake as a party-theme. Kids and adults enjoyed the party and loots. For more Mc Donald's fun pictures and kwentos, read here.

November 11, Tuesday --- St. Paul Pasig
This is Samantha's first day in school from a long semestral break. Though parties not allowed in the school premises, I was able to set up a successful party here. Hehehe! Told teacher will just have a simple cake-blowing party kaya pumayag. lol. Brought cake, Mc Do food and lootbags all Strawberry Shortcake themed. See here for school birthday treat.

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