Saturday, November 22, 2008

early Christmas gift

I recently purchased a V-tech Learning System for Samantha from the Toy Kingdom Sale. The idea was to give this interactive toy to Sam as Christmas gift from Santa. BUT, dear old Santa was not careful enough to hide the toys ... the little girl found all the TK platic bag loots (all toys for Christmas) under the bed inside the guest room. Darn! Santa was not smart enough to hide the toys somewhere! lol.
Anyway, upon seeing the Dora the Explorer V-tech toy, the little girl got so eagerly excited! She won't stop pleading, begging and kissing me just to let her open the toy. Hah! Of course, how can I say NO with those pleading eyes and sweet kisses ... it'll be hard to resist. Thus, I let her open her supposedly Christmas present.

Samantha happily playing with her new toy

And now the Mommy is pressured. I need to shop and replace Santa's gift again. I've been thinking several gift options such as the Chicco vanity kit, the Barbie playhouse, or an Aquadoodle. No definite idea yet. I am hoping these items still on-sale at Richwell. Otherwise, I might end uo getting her colorful ipods. Hahaha!

Luckily, I just need to replace one gift. As soon as she saw her V-tech toy, she didn't bother to snoop the contents of the other TK shopping bags. If she dug further... she might find all her Christmas presents inside. Gifts from Mommy, Daddy, Kuya and Baby Jesus. Haayyy...still lucky indeed.

1 comment:

abie said...

si bela din may na open na gift...sabi ni howell naawa daw kse sya kse naka titig lang sa box, wala reaction kaya pinabuksan na nya...hehehe...

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