Thursday, November 27, 2008

my halloween pumpkin

As I sort our recent family pictures, I realized I forgot to share and upload Samantha's Halloween pictures here. Pardon me for posting it quite late... anyway, better than never. Hahaha! This year, my little girl came as the Halloween pumpkin. Just look at her ... ain't she adorable in those orange-y pumpkin costume! (love your own, syempre! lol.)

Halloween Party at Mommy's office : The little girl enjoyed her Halloween Party at Bayan this year. Aside from participating with the games, she had her face painted with flowers, and happily went home with looottsss of candies and loots. We were able to fill up one SM plastic bag from her office-to-office trick or treat activity.

Halloween Activity in school. Kids were asked to come with their simplest halloween costume. (yeah, right!) Which I don't think was followed by some pasaway Moms. Madami stage mothers noh?! Hahaha! Just look at the pictures below. Obviously, madami kuma-career! lol. Not me... one costume for all the parties worn by Sam. Tipid noh?! lol.

1 comment:

abie said...

ang cute ni sam...ak sinulit ko din yung lion costume ni bela...pinagamit ko pa sa bday nya...hehehe..

buti pa kayo may halloween event sa office amin wala, deadma...hehe

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