Tuesday, October 21, 2008

world without television

Imagine a world without tv … I can’t. Ever since the inception of this technology, the world is never the same again. The reach of this invention has gone far and wide. Traveling seems to be a distant past when everyone can see the beauty of the world right at the comforts of one’s living room. The world in its full hue has transcended boundaries, across continents. Thus, appreciating the world around us more relevant.

But as much as the TV has given everybody a view of the world, it is not only the beauty has been seen. The negative side has always been the counterpart of beauty. The television has also managed to depict the darker side of life, thru the violence portrayed by the TV. News from all the corners of the world showcases calamities, wars and even death.

Nevertheless, tv has impacted our lives today more than anything else (except for Internet perhaps). It has molded how we live our lives thru the information we derive from it. And it only goes to show how unbiased the TV is … it delivers to us the real scenario … be it good or bad.

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