Saturday, October 11, 2008

another summit.

As I've blogged the other day, I am looking forward to another vacation. This time, just simply relaxation time with my family ... no work involved. Just hubby and the kids. Since I'll be faced with new responsibilities, new challenges, new work load with my new job ... I think I need to re-charge and rejuvenate.

Thus, I am thinking of joining hubby with his upcoming trip for a little R&R. I was told that he might be sent to US again for another carrier's meeting. The timing, not sure yet. It might be as early as November or probably by January 2009. It is the same convention as last year but I decided not to join him for practical reasons. But this year, I think I'll insist. I really need a long vacation badly. Hopefully the carrier's summit meet will be in a different placee instead of the usual venue in Hawaii. Probably NY, LA or Las Vegas perhaps. I so want to stay and visit the posh hotel las vegas. Enjoy the sights and fabulous shows, do casino hopping and wild shopping along the Vegas strip. Or probably stroll along Hollywood Boulevard in LA. I really hope new place this time. Anyway, why complain on the summit venue. Hubby's not sure to go yet. Hahaha! But just in case, I am already started dropping hints to the husband about my vacation plans. It's going to be his travel with ME in tow this time. lol.

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