Saturday, May 17, 2008

in my pantry ...

Just received our mid-year bonus last week, and I must say the moolah was carefully well-spent. Aside from paying Ico's tution fee and paying the downpayment for the memorial lot at Heritage, part of my bonus was spent shopping! Nope, not luxury items shopping but ... Splurged a little for grocery items!! Bought some items not found on my usual monthly grocery list. I so want to fill my pantry with these items which I find quite expensive and really not a neccessity, but I've decided to splurge this time.

My splurge grocery lists includes:

a. Mc Cormick bottled spices : chili powder, garlic powder, italian seasoning, thyme, rosemary, basil, oregano, white pepper and tarragon.
b. San Remo pasta : 500 grams of penne and fettucini
c. EVOO or extra virgin olive oil
d. Kraft parmesan cheese
e. Balsamic Vinegar
f. bottled pesto sauce
g. maraschino cherries --- hubby's request!
h. canned tomatoes
i. bottled olives

I was giddy happy when I got the items above. It is a one time, big time splurge for my pantry and I must say...they really look good inside my pantry. It's a well-stocked pantry, enough to whip up a la minute pasta in the middle of the night. I wanted to do this for the longest time but I often de-prioritized buying it. For some reason, I always tend to forget! Blame it on being a working mom! Hahaha! But seriously, I find joy having a well-stocked pantry. Seeing that I have the basic Italian/Mediterranean ingredients in my cabinet now, I feel so happy and rich! Parang ang yaman-yaman ko! lol!! Yeah I know's a cheap way of feeling rich! hehehe! Anyway, feeling lang naman...sana maging tutuo! Hahaha!


Crissy said...

sometimes we need to treat ourselves.. a place or things that will make us happy.. a reward after hard days' work.. the good feeling makes us to strive more in life.. have a great weekend..

Jenny said...

wow pasta! patikim naman. :)

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