Wednesday, May 14, 2008

concord watch

How time flies so fast!! Mother’s day was just celebrated few days ago…and we are now on our way to prepare for Father’s Day celebration this coming 3rd Sunday of June. Oh I just can’t wait to shop for my loving and sweet hubby! :)

Since he does a lot of traveling lately, I am thinking of getting him a new set of black Samsonite luggage for his business trips. I saw this practical and useful gift at Tungchung outlet in Hongkong and the tag price was really amazing! Big discount offered for Samsonite luggage set at almost 30-40% off from the original price offered at the commercial establishments. Great savings, huh!

Or better yet, since hubby loves to collect watch, buying him a concord watch will be the best bet to add up in his collection. Hubby needs a sports watch for his weekend basketball with the boys, and the Concord C1 chronograph watch with rubber straps and stainless steel bracelet will be ideal for him.
But then, hubby needs a new mobile phone too! He's thinking of retiring his old, bulky and totally worn out Nokia communicator anytime soon!
Hmmmm…so many choices, but limited budget!! But one thing for sure, need to check out these gift items asap before it’s too late! :)

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