Saturday, April 28, 2007

Summer Fun at Subic

Last weekend we had great time at Subic. Our sales team from the office decided to spend the weekend at Subic together with our families. My hubby was not able to join us because of his work, but still… the three of us decided to go to Subic without him. I drove 2.5 hours from Manila and I was surprised that the NLEX road really smooth and good for driving. It was my first time to drive to Subic and I am happy that the drive was really convenient and relaxing…well, Sam slept most of the trip so no irritable or bored kiddo passenger inside the car.

First stop, ZOOBIC SAFARI. Sam enjoyed her close encounters with the animals. She loves the petting zoo and she’s not afraid to feed the camel. The trip at the petting zoo was very tiring because aside from the scorching heat, Sam insisted to be carried for the duration of the tour. While on tour, you would hear Sam’s excited screams. You will hear her happy laughter and loud shrieks whenever she gets near the animals. She giggles and screams when she fed the camel with leaves. Sam can’t stop looking at the animals that she even prefers to look at the animals than the camera! Hahaha! I am really happy that Sam enjoyed the entire zoo trip. She enjoyed her close encounter with the tigers and ostrich, with the camels and even with the llamas! Glad that we decided to give the kids the zoo tour and really had great fun with the tigers…well, even us adults got so excited with our close encounter with the tigers.

Hmmm... I wonder if the Night Safari Zoo at Singpapore will be like this. Can't wait to experience it next week with hubby! :)

Subic Adventure with Jody and Margaux

Zoobic with Kuya Ico

Our next stop, OCEAN ADVENTURE

We arrived at Ocean Adventure at 4pm. Very timely for the sea lion show. Luckily the show area is covered and kinda windy that time! Really relaxing and refreshing for the kids! Sam had great time watching the sea lions and dolphins. She loved dolphins so much that she even smiles whenever you mention the dolphin's antics.

Actually, this is our 2nd time to watch dolphin and sea lions show. The first time we watched the show was last December 2006 near Mall of Asia. I personally enjoyed the Ocean Adventure experience than the previous show I watched. The show was much better, very informative and entertaining than the make-shift aquarium at Mall of Asia.

Sam had a scare when we went inside the marine aquarium gallery. She was not afraid of the dark gallery or fish aquariums though, but she really got scared when she saw the Ocean Adventure mascot (big turtle) waiving inside the gallery! She was so scared that she screamed very hard and hugged me tight afraid that I might let go of her. Well, I can truly understand her fear ...imagine, if you are 2 years old and you see all of a sudden a big green turtle in a dark room, you'll get scared as well! hahaha!

Sharing you some of our pictures below at Ocean Adventure

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