Friday, April 27, 2007

Samantha's Summer Class Begins

April 18 was the day we lost our baby. My little Sammie started her Summer Class and officially … she is no longer a baby. I enrolled her for Summer Class inside our village that will run for one month. Her class starts at 9am until 11am. Sam’s toddler class is composed of 12 kids from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years old and mostly boys!

Her first day of class was full of excitement, anxiety and eagerness… not for Sam, but for Mike and me. It’s her first day of being officially, a toddler. She’s no longer our little baby, who enjoys watching her Elmo and Barney DVD’s at home. But, our little toddler princess who happily trotting her way to her school.

Sam first day in school was a breeze. Happy to say that despite several tots crying and clinging to their Moms and yaya that day, Sam obediently sat and played with her cousin Bea during her first day. I guess seeing a familiar face (Cousin Bea) inside the classroom made a big difference! I observed Sam through the glass doors and I am satisfied how she interacts and play with other kids. Though one thing I observed that day, she don’t like her Teacher Maria! Whenever Teacher Maria ask or approach Sam, she would look away and not listen! (Grabe, pasaway sa teacher! Hahaha!) So, Sam came home that day with no star stamp!  She don’t want to be near Teacher Maria kasi! Hahaha!

See pictures of Sam’s first day at Fairchild Learning Center…..

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