Saturday, September 24, 2011


My bundles of joy. My kids. My treasures.

I wish I can stop time so they will be forever be my babies. They will forever be mine. But, they grew up so fast. So fast, that I can't keep up. My little pretty princess turning seven, and my cute prince will no longer be a tot as he turns two.

Yes, little girl no more. She'll turn seven in a next few months. Day by day, she's becoming very strong and independent. No longer a cry baby. I should be happy with her new found independence, but I am not. In fact, sadness fills my heart. My little baby, now a gradeschooler can handle herself. Next few years, she might need less of me. I an afraid when that day comes. And I must be ready. But for now, she's still my baby. My pretty little princess, Samantha.

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