Saturday, September 24, 2011

on big trucks

Every man (or boy) I know dreamed of having their own monster rc trucks. Mind you, they want to own rc (or remote control) trucks not only as a "cool" toy to navigate and control, but others even go beyond playing the rc trucks. While others prefer to collect them, others prefer building it from scratch and modfying it to make it power-pack rc trucks. Neat eh? In fact, through modfying and making them feel like a real thing, some earn big bucks by selling their toy. Though I don't get the fun or thrill part of building the monster truck, but I think I can simply equate it to my hobby of collecting purse. Hahaha! No fair comparisson as per my husband, who adores and still dream driving his own big truck or jeep. But since we cant afford to own one now, he's happy and contented of collecting rc 1:10 scale model cars for the meantime.

1 comment:

Znyka Davis said...

I'm hoping to see more of his collections!I like that toy, really cool and I am also dreaming of having rc car. Hoping someday God will grant my request.:)
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