Tuesday, October 26, 2010

my joys

Not sure if I already shared this photo ...but will share it anyway. Photos of my world - my love of my life, Migo and Samantha! They are my pure source of joy and happiness. I can't live without them.

Samantha at six, very sweet and a real darling. Usually daddy's girl but lately, my mini me. Hahaha! She's my constant chika girl, my shopping buddy. She loves to attend parties, shop and go malling. Picky-eater but with a healthy appetite. Like me, she loves sinigang (tamarind broth) food be it pork, shrimp or beef sinigang.Creative and with wild imagination. Loves sports, and into gymanstics lately. In fact, she's crazy about gymnastics! A good sign =)

The little squirt, Migo also a real sweet, darling. A charmer, and truly melts my heart whenever he smiles. He loves playing simple games and loves all the attention. And at the age of eleven months, he thinks he can do absolutely anything. He's bold and fearless. Very like the husband. Migo is a little bit advance for his age with the way he talks, moves and walks. Oh at ten months he can walk few steps ...and at eleven, can run few steps around the house. Hahaha! He's my pogi and bubbly boy. And I love him so dearly! =)

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