Tuesday, October 26, 2010

acne problem

And more about acne ... Now I am worried. Aside from the husband bothered by his unwanted acne on his face, my teen-ager son Ico also bothered by manifestations of chest acne. This is bad. All along I thought a simple acne treatment would help to remove those ugly pimples, but I think a quick trip to our family dermatologists will be a wise move to have those acne marks checked for medication. As I've told my son over and over, aside from dirt and eating too much fatty foods, proper hygiene must also be observed to eliminate those chest acne. Hope the acne treatment I found on the web will work not only for my husband's face but for Ico's chest acne problem. Really hope so! =)

1 comment:

woman pilgrim said...

Hi:) You can try using aveeno body wash (the green one). Its a good anti-acne on the body and is very healthy for the skin.

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