Saturday, July 31, 2010

baby updates

Updates on the little tot ...

At eight months he's got an appetite like a one year old kid. He eats solid food and no longer enjoys mashed fruits and veggies. He enjoys table food like pasta, fish, shrimps, soups with rice! His sleeping patterns almost normal like an adult, with less fuss in the wee hours of the morning. He can sleep eight hours or more straight without waking up for milk. He loves afternoon naps as well as his bath and play time. Playtime for Migo includes going out for afternoon stroll with yaya within the village, and practice walks using the traditional walker or "andador". He loves to crawl and walk so much lately which is why I need to get him soft and comfy shoes that is ideal for walking.
And speaking of walking, I've been checking out the web for possible baby walking shoes that is sturdy, comfortable, and durable for outdoor walks. And so far, I found mbt shoes which is great in the pocket. Almost perfect, unfortunately, the mbt shoes not for his my little tot's age. Anyhoo, more update on the little boy to follow next weeks ... for the meantime, enjoy these cutie little pics I took last week. :)

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