Friday, May 14, 2010

preggy health

I am surrounded lately with pregnant moms. Six people I know are pregnant now. Three from my office, two from my online blogging friends and my dear sister. As a non-first time mom, I always remind them the importance of buy prenatal vitamins. A must, and should be diligently taken by preggy moms to ensure good health of the baby while inside the womb. I can still remember that my OB even prescribed different sets of vitamins with the different stages of my pregnancy. Vitamin C is part of my dosage, iron and calcium to prepare my body during pregnancy, as well as folic acid for the baby. Together with prenatal vitamins, I can celarly remember that my doctor asked me to drink milk to give the baby nutrients he also needs, it also helps with the baby's fetal and brain development. Thus, my usual tips to moms ... never forget to take prenatal vitamins and milk.
Anyway, with six people I know who are pregnant this year, could it be 2010 a baby boom year? I don't know, but one thing for sure, these babies will be born coinciding with the year that our country will have a new president. I just hope they won't name their babies "noy-noy", LOL.

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