Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy and Bubbly at 6th!

The little squirt turned six months the other day. How time flies fast! At six, I already started feeding him solid food. Yes, few weeks early as his upper incisor teeth already showing, he now has four teeth. Two lower incisors which erupted when he was four months old, and the upper teeth just a week ago. Physically, he's big at six months. He's already over ten kilos, a little chubby but healthy.

With Migo at six months, He's half-way near his first birthday. And I haven't accomplished anything yet for his upcoming party! Well, except for boking the caterer. LOL. I am too, not ready yet. As I want to be back to my pre-preggo weight by the time he turns one. I've been busy searching online some quick weight loss tips as I need to be back in shape too by the time Migo celebrates his first birthday. Yay! pressure on me. LOL Wish me luck.

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