Friday, November 20, 2009

bored at home

With a sixty-day maternity leave, and with a small baby to take care of ... I am totally bored at home. No, don't get me wrong. I love my time with my kids now, but I miss the outside world too! It has been one week already since I gave birth (has it been seven days already? wow!), and I am not allowed to go out, drive or go around the village. So many errands to do, people to talk to, need to buy items for the house and the new baby ... and with the husband's busy work schedule, he can't do it all! And it's driving me insanely crazy being helpless. Argh!
So to keep me sane at home, aside from playing with my cutie little tot, I immerse myself with several home improvement projects such as doing room by room spring cleaning, watching latest DVD or HBO movies, reading books and sorting out family pictures. And since I started going back to my ever favorite pastime, reading books ... I wonder if there's an online site that willing to buy or sell textbooks. I've got tons of books need to be disposed and I am thinking of selling them instead of giving away these books. Any ideas?

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