Monday, July 2, 2007

Hongkong Holiday Break with Kuya Ico

I rarely post blog kwento about my son, Ico. Because aside from being the shy type, he prefers to be just on the sideline and be the super lovable "kuya" to Sam. At a tender age of 11, he's already matured for his age and acts as responsible "kuya" to Samantha. I think the big age gap difference also helps, and the fact that he changes his home every 15th day of the month between me and his biological father...molded him to be more mature, understanding and independent as he is now.

Anyway, together with Kuya Ico and Mike's relatives, we went to HK last Friday, June 22. Our HK trip is just a spur of the moment decision since Tito Danny's family (Mike's uncle) need to have their visa stamped to maintain their local residency status in HK. We decided not to bring Sam along since Mike will not be joining the trip also. It will be difficult for me to handle Sam alone without Mike. We stayed at Causeway Bay and boy... really had great time here since we did mostly shopping! :)

Day 1 (Friday) - arrived at HK airport at 8pm. HK Immigration process was fast and we were out by 9pm. Since it is already late, we decided to proceed at Causeway Bay to deposit our luggage and have dinner. For dinner, KFC is the unanimous choice of the kids! I have this feeling that since we were outnumbered by kids on this trip, it will be purely familiar fastfood chain for our meals!

Day 2 (Saturday) – For starters, we decided to have our breakfast at Mc Do, another preferred choice by kids! Well, we can’t argue anyway, so we had the famous big breakfast with hot choco! Yummy!

After breakfast, we decided to visit Victoria Peak via Peak Tram. We took the HK$2 tram to Admiralty station where we walked our way to Peak tram station. See our pictures at Victoria Peak:

After Lunch at Café de Corale (Ico’s favorite HK diner!), it’s shopping time for me at Tung Chung Outlets. We took the MTR going to Tung Chung which is located at Lantau Island. Quite far actually from HK Central but worth the trip! At Tung Chung City Gate outlet, you will see different branded outlet stores like Esprit (got great items here!), RL (polo shirts at 30% off or P2,700 each) , Nike, Adidas, Samsonite (luggage at 30% off), Giordano, K-Swiss, Roxy etc… Heavenly bargain site for “barat” shoppers like me! Hahaha!

Left Tung Chung via MTR by 6pm but I still have time to shop at Wan Chai Computer Store. Grabe… since the exchange rate for HK$1=P5.75, electronic items really on sale! Much, much cheaper compared to my last May visit at SNG. Sony PSP priced at $1,100 or P6,200! I upgraded my old Sony Digicam and got the 7.2MP, 2.5LCD at $1580 or P9K only! Plus a 1GB Sony memory stick duo at $150 or P862. Really loved the place… Sobrang mura talaga kaya I really wanted to buy more pa! Hahaha! Si Ico na lang nagpigil sa akin eh :)

By 9pm after eating dinner at Café de Coral ( Kuya Ico’s choice again), went straight to SOGO at Causeway Bay for another shopping treat. This time, I bought mostly Lilo and Stitch stuffs for Samantha’s birthday party.

Day 3 (Sunday) – Had breakfast again at Mc Do and were off to Ocean Park. I’ve been to Ocean Park twice already but still, I decided to bring the kids here so they’ll have different theme park experience aside from Disneyland. It was really, really hot at Ocean Park but despite the extremely hot weather (actually, na-sun burn ako, forgot to put sunscreen!) the kids enjoyed the Dolphin shows and the rides. Kuya Ico was afraid to try the Abyss…ako din, after my Abyss ride last time ...ayaw ko na ulitin! :)

Anyway, sharing you some of our Ocean Park pictures:

At 7pm, we were back again at Causeway Bay. Did my last minute shopping again since we will be leaving early the next day for Lantau Island/Disneyland. I bought mostly office outfits at G2000 and spend more shopping time at Ikea and Sogo. I was really dead tired by 11pm! Actually, G2000 still open until past 11pm since they were waiting for our last minute purchases! Hehehe!

Day 4 (Monday) – We rode the MTR going to Sunny Bay station. We were at Disney Hollywood Hotel by 10am and the hotel staff really accommodating. They allowed us to check-in earlier since our rooms already available by that time. By 12, we were off to HK Disneyland via hotel shuttle.

As soon as we arrived at HK Disneyland, Kuya Ico and I decided to prioritize the Disney shows than the theme rides. Our priorities were very simple: picture with Mickey and Minnie, watch the Disney parade show, and watch all the Disney shows! On the other hand, since Tito Danny’s family mostly young kids, they opted to line up for rides! Sad to say they missed most of the shows :(

We were able to catch “The Golden Mickeys” show! Really, really great! A musical show in celebration of Disney’s best-loved stories. Highly recommendable and a MUST show to see. After this, we watched “Stitch Encounter”. This is really cool! It’s an interactive computerized show and you get to talk and play with Stitch each show. Then we get to see the Disney parade at 4pm and the Fireworks Display at 8pm! The fireworks display really an oohhhh and aaahhh magical experience! Really enjoyed every bit of it! I was able to record the entire fireworks display on my dvd camcorder! It lasted around 18 minutes! Really fantastic fireworks and musical effects!

After doing some “pasalubong shopping” at Disney stores, we went back to our hotel by 9pm. Really dead tired this time but still manages to watch “Pirates of the Carribean” on the cable.

Day 5 (Tuesday) – Kuya Ico and I went for a swim at 8am at the hotel pool. After breakfast, we went back again to Disneyland. Really thankful for the two (2) day pass I got from the hotel. We were able to visit Disneyland twice and talagang sulit! We watched “Mickey’s Philhar Magic”, a 3D musical adventure. And we were able to catch the “Festival of the Lion King” show. It’s picture time also with Winnie the Pooh, Goofy, Pluto, Belle etc… We were able to ride the Winnie the Pooh rides, Dumbo, Carousel, Mad Hatter Tea cup rides and even Orbitron amd Buzz Astro Blasters!

Our Disney trip was really great experience and bonding time with Kuya Ico . We enjoyed the rides and shows together...though sadly, we missed Sam so much. We would always say “ Oh, Sam will love this…” “Sam will enjoy this ride” , “ if Sam can just see us..etc…” We truly missed our little, pretty, bratty but cutie girl! :( We missed her so much that we even bought lots of pasalubongs for her from Disney. Anyway, I am sure there will still be next time for her. Probably within the year or early next year I can bring Sam along...definitely with Daddy Mike!

By 4pm, we went to HK Airport for our 6pm flight back to Manila. The flight back to Manila was easy. Luckily, no long lines or hassle experienced from the Immigration.

Thanks for reading..til my next post... My BORACAY Trip!

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