Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thankful at 33

Today, I am already 33. Gosh!! I can hardly believe myself saying "I am 33". Still in denial but well, it's the truth. Can't do anything about it but accept that yes, I am getting old. Time really flies fast. I promised myself when I was young (years ago) that I would accomplish my wishlist before I turn 30.

... learn new language (Japanese/Mandarin) -- yes, I am half-Chiinese but don't know how to speak Chinese language :(
... learn to dive
... do something crazy like bungee-jumping or sky diving
... have my own condo
... US and Europe travel
... have my own family
... retire, and have my own business

Well, not all my wish list happened before I turned 30. But slowly, it did. Now at 33 I was able to

... have our own house (better than my condo wish!)
... travel to US (NO Europe travel, yet!)
... have my own family (got loving husband and adorable,cutey daughter)
... for the crazy stuff like sky diving and bungee jumping! Not sure if I still want that on my wishlist now. I am no longer young and adventurous to try :)

Kinda short from my wishlist. But hey, I can't have everything right? Probably I can have everything..In HIS own time. Can't complain to the BIG MAN up there! God has been so good to me that He continuously blessed me through out the 33 years of my life. I am so grateful for all the blessing He has done for me and my family. Can't wish for more!

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YETTE said...

a belated happy birthday to you! =D just visiting from kathy's site! take care!

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