Monday, December 7, 2009

gifts for teens

So after getting toy gifts for the kids few weeks ago for Christmas, next shopping agenda ... gift for the teenagers for godchildren, friend's kids and family. You see, buying gift for tweeners (in between kids and teens, which is aged 10-12)and teens, the most difficult age group to please. Well, aside from teens tends to be choosy nowadays, there are so many nice (and pricey) items available online for their picking. For girls, buying fab items like statement shirts, designer bags, dressy shoes always the "in" or preferred gift item. But for boys, really difficult! There are so many nice, updated gadgets available on line such as MP3s, camphones, digital camera, ipods and CD/DVDs which makes buying and choosing even more difficult. Well, I guess to save me with all the shopping trouble (and buying useless and unwanted presents), how about giving them money envelope or gift checks instead for Christmas. Wouldn't that be a better option? Gives them more freedom to choose and shop for items they like. What do you think?

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