Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Crazy over Seat-all-you can PAL Promo

Really, really got so thrilled on PAL's new low fare promo! PAL recently released the Seat-all-you can promo for $98 + taxes, you can fly to any Asian destinations ie: HongKong, Bangkok, Xiamen, Singapore, Saigon, Taipei or Jakarta. Travel period: June 18-October 15, 2007. Wow..this is really, really cool promo! I was so excited that I went crazy which Asian destination to book. Hahaha!

Anyway, after an hour of calling PAL reservations, I was able to succesfully book flight for our family to HK. Since it will be my birthday din naman this June...might as well celebrate my nth birthday at HK Disneyland with the kids. PAL promo rate per head is at $181.90/pax or P8300 for HK. Child or Adult, same rate since this is a promo. This includes the $98/seat + taxes. Not bad, huh?! Luckily, I was able to book promo seat for all of us on June 22, with return flight by June 25.
Hehehe! Aliw! :)

Well, since our barkada also planned to have all-girls (minus the kids and husbands) shopping bonding gimik this September, I've also inquired PAL rates na din to other Asian countries. Round Trip tickets with taxes are as follows: Bangkok ($216/pax) ; Xiamen ($207/pax) ; Saigon ($209/pax). Hmmm... next question na lang, which country kaya...and if our husbands will allow us to go. Hahaha! That's the next challenge! Ako, I am sure Mike will be ok for me to go (Sanay na sa mga lakwatsa ko!) Mga kasama ko na lang especially my SAHM friends...Haaay!


Jacaranda Flagg said...

wow, thanks for the airfare info.. kelan kaya ako magbyahe na for pleasure.. hehehehe


Anonymous said...

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